SRE Engineer


Tehran, Iran


  • Supervising the architecture and ownership of the web-delivery stack from the server/service to the end user.
  • Implementation of SRE best practices in infrastructure documentation and improvement
  • Ensuring adequate monitoring of access, latency, scalability and efficiency of all services
  • Measuring and optimizing system performance, considering advancing capabilities and innovation for continuous improvement
  • Analysis of outage points in services to model the level of risk and its resolution steps in case of failure
  • Provide technical guidance to teammates and collaborate with product and development teams


  • +3 years of technical experience in software engineering, network engineering, or system administration
  • Minimum of a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or related field
  • Experience working with cloud software (such as Docker and Kubernetes) and general network and distributed systems knowledge is essential.

* PBN implementation experience is an advantage
* Experience working with English language websites is an advantage


Competitive salary
Flexible working hours
Relaxing, freindly enviroment
Career/Knowledge advancement
office events

Tehran Office Address:

Fatemi, Jahad Sq.

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